Valuation Accelerators:

We Make Companies More “Invest-able”

  • Do You Know the Valuation of Your Company?
  • Do You Have a Valuation Driven Strategy?
  • Do You Know Your Invest-Ability Index Score?


Thinking About Doing an Acquisition, Raising Capital, Restructuring, Selling or Transitioning Your Business In The Next Five Years?

We don’t just grow companies, we grow Valuable companies. Our quantitative and qualitative metrics measure progress, assuring your confidence. So you can attract the people, deals and investment you want. When the time is right.

The more valuable your business, the more options you have and the more opportunities you can capitalize on when they arise.

The ultimate metric for any CEO, shareholder or board is the value of the enterprise. Unless that metric is improving, the other metrics used in a business for measuring progress are misleading or useless.

Focusing on increasing the valuation of your business, not just your revenue growth is critical to owners seeking investment or an exit strategy. Preparing for a successful transaction will take 1-3 years if done properly

But finally, it is the transaction price, the realistic ‘deal time’ price that really matters – which in every transaction is a percentage (sometimes higher, often lower) of the state value. It’s called the Strategic Premium.

We determine the Strategic Premium for your company by applying the 47 elements of the non-linear algorithms of the Invest-Ability Index™ to your valuation. NOW you have a more realistic sense of the deal time price in a transaction.

Find out your Invest-Ability Index™ score now!  Fast Pivot to Strategy 3.0 today. Your Valuation Driven Strategy will determine your ability to do an acquisition, attract investors, or sell your company. If you like being in control, with a competitive edge, then Strategy 3.0 is important to you!  Avantt Partners, the “Valuation Driven Strategy” company works to define valuation drivers using the exclusive Invest-Ability Index™ and implement a Valuation Driven Strategy to accelerate valuation, maximizing shareholder wealth and increased stakeholder value.

Valuation Driven Strategy

A valuation driven strategy is really a permanent change in the culture of the organization, where business decisions are filtered based on whether or not they contribute to an increase in the value of the company. In stock market terms, its ‘market cap.’ All strategic business decisions are evaluated through the prism of the Valuation Strategy and Invest-Ability Index™. Read More…

Why Avantt?

WHY- We believe that privately held companies are the backbone of America and that the owners, shareholders and stakeholders that labored so diligently should recognize the wealth derived from their personal and professional investment of time, talent and treasure. Read More…