About Avantt Partners

Avantt Partners, the “Valuation Driven Strategy” company has evolved from Avantt Consulting, The Growth Strategies Company™, to work with clients across North America and around the world to maximize their valuation, increase shareholder wealth while delivering improved stakeholder value. Avantt Partners, the developers of the Strategy 3.0: Valuation Driven Strategy, works with middle market privately held companies across a broad range of industries and functions. We bring Fortune 500 processes and tools to middle market owners and leaders to deliver a competitive edge while sitting across the table during any capital raise, partial or full sale.

Avantt delivers a Valuation Driven Strategy pinpointing over 40 valuation drivers with goals and rigorous implementation to include a Dashboard of metrics to measure progress. We provide Snapshot Valuations on a regular schedule to measure progress. Avantt Partners is the creators of the exclusive Invest-Ability Index™ process for assessing, measuring and sustaining traction and improvements. Originally founded in 1991, Avantt Consulting has grown to become Avantt Partners to include consultants who are extraordinarily adept at delivering innovative solutions for growing organizations.

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The power and success of the Avantt approach was recognized by an award from the Champions of Industry, as announced on CNN’s Headline News Network.